My Residence Life

Residence life provides a stimulating living environment. Here, the student feels surrounded and safe. This unique experience allows her, more than ever, to develop and achieve her objectives in terms of academic and personal success. Choosing the CFD is choosing an engaging and available school residence team which believes in each of its students. Choosing the CFD is choosing a lucky charm which guarantees a promising future.

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“Here, there is always someone who is there to listen and to advise you at every step of your life. It’s not everywhere that we find this.”

– Audrey

On the Road to Academic Success

The Collège François-Delaplace can count on a versatile and caring school team offering each of its students the best academic support as possible daily. The individualized teaching approaches accessible to all students as well as teacher/student relationships based on trust and mutual respect have proven themselves over the years. Thanks to the richness of this unique environment, success is possible!

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“In my school, I like absolutely everything. The atmosphere outside of classes, the relationships between teachers and students, the family feeling, the strong friendships that develop, the activities offered, the outings, the trips, the shows. I like everything!”

– Lisa-Marie

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Le Collège François-Delaplace, une grande famille

The Collège François-Delaplace is a school that offers a safe and healthy living environment. Thanks to its human and family oriented values, all students feel unique and are given a chance to build meaningful relationships for life. Such as a lucky charm, the four hearts at the core of our logo suggests that every student who walks in CFD keeps these fundamental values forever in her heart throughout her life.

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