Historical Background

In 1963, the first Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary arrived in Waterville. The nuns proudly opened a brand new school in the Eastern Townships, the Pensionnat de Waterville.

In 1988, the school changed its name to Collège François-Delaplace in honor of the founder of the religious community.

Living in France, Father Delaplace wanted to open an orphanage for young girls in need. It was at that moment that Jeanne-Marie Moisan joined him. Together, they founded the congregation of the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary (SSCM).

The Collège François-Delaplace is still very much alive and it welcomes around 150 students from several regions of Quebec. African and European students also attend our school.

After more than 50 years of existence, the same family spirit continues to reign at Collège François-Delaplace.


The educational mission of the Collège François-Delaplace is based on the common values which guide our daily actions. Our mission is built around the needs of girls and the issues they’ll face in today’s society. Our school aims at developing the intellectual, spiritual, social and creative potential in our students.

In doing so, our school is committed to promote respect for oneself and for others within relationships and to encourage the students to define who they are and to blossom as individuals.

Furthermore, the development of our students is set in a context favoring openness to others and to the society.

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Our Values

The members of the educational community adhere to the following values:

Respect of oneself and of differences, athletic achievement, confidence and self-control, openness to the others, friendship and ability to listen, cooperation, autonomy, justice and integrity, commitment.

Our Commitment Toward our Students

We are determined to take concrete actions to enable students to see the bigger picture and to develop their skills.

We are committed to show empathy, fairness, confidentiality in dealing with every situation relative to our students.

We recognize the importance of teaching young people to live within a community and we pledge to help them define their identity to become citizens of their own right.

We are committed to giving our students the attention and encouragement they need to contribute to their well-being and motivation.

Notre équipe

André Ricard

Annick Gobeil

Annick Gobeil

Ethics and Religious Culture, geography and history teacher

Audrey Langlois

Geography and history teacher

Catherine Beauchamp

French teacher

Catherine Miville Dechêne

English teacher

Céline Simard

Assistant cook

Chantal Dion

Desk officer

Cynthia Patterson

residence supervisor

Dominic Paul

Mathematics and sciences teacher

Eliane Jacques


Éloïse René

Educational and vocational counsellor

Éric Landry

Head chef

Estelle Boudreau


Gérald Fontaine


Guillaume Poulin

French teacher

Jean-François Turcotte

Physical education and health teacher

Josiane Chénard

residence supervisor

Judith Brady

Kate Plamondon

Maths and science teacher

Kathy Paquette

Maths and science teacher

Louise Larouche

Plastic arts and arts teacher

Manon Lauzon

General help in the kitchen

Marie-Ève Bernier

French teacher

Nancy Labonté

English as a second language

Noémie Sauriol

Residence supervisor

Pamella Beaurivage

Residence supervisor

Stéphanie Lamontagne

Special-education teacher and residence supervisor