The urge to change

Since the beginning of time, humans have evolved by changing their routines and habits. Hunting for food, they were always on the move. Then they discovered we could survive without moving much. This urge of change is in our gene, we got it from our ancestors. We need to embrace this burning flame inside us. […]

February 26 2018 by Collège François-Delaplace


For many of you, readers of this blog, being a teenager rhymes with lack of judgment, mood swings and irresponsibility , but the main stereotype associated with today’s teenager is about their compulsive use of technological devices. But don’t get me wrong, not all teens are taking drugs and smashing cars, the same way not […]

by Collège François-Delaplace

Boarding school for my daughter? Never!

I am frequently asked this question: How can parents accept that their girl study in a boarding school? Like Justin Trudeau would say: Because it’s 2015! Boarding school life helps global development of teenage girls. How? – They get involved in their environment and connect with the other students (by themselves, not because they have […]

December 03 2015 by Collège François-Delaplace

Boarding school life at CFD

At the Collège François-Delaplace, the girls are happy, involved and motivated to live the boarding school experience! Why? Because it’s their choice. Dear parents, readers, Through this blog, I hope to make you discover the life in a boarding school. Then, when your teen will talk to you about the idea to live a unique […]

by Collège François-Delaplace