Educational Life


Educational and Personal Support

Students learn while being supported by a devoted team which is available according to their needs – this is what has been making our institution’s reputation for over 50 years. Students are advised and, above all, mobilized to become the pillar of their academic success. What a great life lesson! It is by building their trust in their peers and in the adults who surround them that students get a taste for hard work and involvement in their studies. In order to plan this educational support, several guidance options are offered: upgrading sessions, daily compulsory work/study periods, lunchtime meetings, mentorship, etc. There is no doubt that all students will find the right support to engage and empower themselves.

Learning Community

Everyday a dedicated period allows students to study and work. During these sessions, students are given the choice to work in teams or individually. A true learning community is offered thanks to the presence of peers and adults who make sure the atmosphere is conducive to learning. The students get to choose the learning zone that best suits their needs: the quiet zone (calm atmosphere, individual work), the collaboration zone (discussions, mutual co-operation and sharing in order to study or work on a collaborative assignment) and the help zone (presence and support of a remedial teacher or a teacher). By navigating from one zone to another, students will become more accountable for their academic success, seeking the support they wish for themselves, while being guided and supervised.

Transition primaire / secondaire

Transition from Primary to Secondary Education

The primary/secondary education transition offered to the students in our school meets everybody’s expectations. At Collège François-Delaplace, we put everything in place to make this transition period easier, in a reassuring and welcoming atmosphere.

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Remedial Teaching Service

A learning support service is offered to students. This service is designed to support and help students with special needs and ensure the student’s success (e.g. tricks, practical advice, motivation, writing or reading strategies, etc.). Depending on the student’s record analysis, in collaboration with the family and the school’s team, we can offer additional support as part of an intervention plan. It is also possible to request special education support on an ad hoc basis. Through the implementation of this service, the Collège gives its students the chance to receive individualized support that allows them to overcome difficulties and experience success.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our remedial teaching service.

Individual Meeting Service

A one-on-one meeting service is offered to certain students. This service aims to support and help students who need to talk to somebody they can trust, but who also need guidance with regards to their personal and social development. Since adolescence is a period filled with concerns and questioning, the presence of a support adult is important.

Mrs. Stéphanie Lamontagne, who works as a special education technician, ensures follow-up and organizes meetings with the targeted students, in collaboration with their family and the school’s team. Through this service, students have the chance to be listened to in absolute confidentiality. Additionally, a team comprised of educators, headed by Mrs. Eliane Jacques, ensures that all girls are well and feel listened to on a daily basis. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our one-on-one meeting service.

Counselling Service (Guidance-Oriented Approach to Learning)

Our guidance and vocational counsellor, Mrs. Éloïse René, meets individually with every graduate in order to guide them in the process of pursuing their studies. Mrs. René also tours the classrooms to discuss vocational guidance with the students. In addition, she takes advantage of her visits to offer her services and connect with students of all ages.

Mrs. René strongly believes that teachers, no matter the subject they teach, are essential partners when it comes to vocational guidance. To that end, coaching and support are provided to teachers to ensure they link various aspects of professional life with the learning situations they present their students with.

Career Day

Each year, our students have the chance to meet passionate people who practice different professions. This day also gives former students the opportunity to share with others their professional experiences and personal journey after graduating from the Collège.

Personal Vocational Guidance Project

All secondary III students take the personal vocational guidance project class. This class encourages them to build a career path through exploratory initiatives. This program is designed to empower our girls with regards to their academic progress.

Entrepreneurial Approach

Developing one’s leadership!

Each year, the passion for entrepreneurship is palpable at CFD! Secondary IV and V students are invited to take part in engaging and innovative projects, as well as to bring them to life throughout the year. These projects are overseen by adults but completed by the students involved.

Over the last several years, students have taken into their own hands the design, from start to finish, of the yearbook; a student created a dance group; a few students got involved as trainers within after-school sports teams; a student achieved her dream to participate in a humanitarian mission in Peru; another took part in the homework help service, etc. Of course, many other projects have left their mark at the Collège…

As early as June, the call goes out to the creative and committed students in preparation for the back to school period at the end of the summer. Thanks to the Défi passion! project, the potential and leadership of several students doesn’t go unnoticed. What an asset for a school!