Yes, we have a weekend shuttle service to the Longueuil metro station.

Everything is put in place at the Collège to ensure that girls don’t miss home. Their weeks are very busy! Taking part in extracurricular activities contributes greatly to a good integration within the girls’ new environment. We can count on the attentive staff to quickly identify girls who tend to get homesick and intervene gently. The parents of our current students tell us that their weekends become pleasant reunions and that they have time to spend quality time with their teenager.

Providing an opportunity for one’s child to experience life in a school residence is offering that child the opportunity to engage in their academic success as well as in their personal achievements. We suggest that you visit this website to find answers to several questions relating to life in a residence: You can also watch the BON POUR LA VIE! video, which gives the chance to parents who chose to send their teenager in a school residence to express themselves.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us; we’ll be happy to provide you with some answers!