Murale Collège François-Delaplace

Each year, the Fondation du Collège François-Delaplace provides nearly 40 teens with the opportunity to attend this renowned residence!

Since the very beginning, in 1963, one of the social missions the Collège has wanted to fulfil has been to educate young women of all socio-economic backgrounds, including the poorest in our society.

That is why, in July 1998, the Fondation du Collège François-Delaplace was established; to meet an ever-increasing number of requests for financial assistance. Each year, students can study with us thanks to scholarships awarded by the Fondation.

By granting scholarships to those families, the Fondation offers these girls the unique opportunity to enjoy enriching and stimulating experiences in a family like environment. Living in a school residence allows girls to create strong friendships, participate in a variety of educational and entertaining activities and benefit from personalized services, all according to their needs and interests.

To apply for funding, contact us at 819-837-2882.