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Horseback Riding

Many girls dream to become familiar with this sweet and fascinating animal!

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  • Volleyball Panthère du Collège François Delaplace
  • Volleyball Panthère du Collège François Delaplace
  • Volleyball Panthère du Collège François Delaplace


The volleyball profile provides the athletes with 6 to 8 hours of training per week. Getting involved in this unique program enables students to commit and persevere in a sport where team success is the main goal. The members of our volleyball team, the Panthères, stand out for their team spirit, the way they surpass themselves and their undeniable sense of community. This profile achieves a perfect balance between academic work and sport!


Gaining in popularity in Quebec, particularly amongst girls, rugby enables students to discover a daring sport and to be part of a team where collaboration and surpassing oneself are featured! Thanks to the work of a trusted coach, the athletes can learn to play safely while being provided with excellent advice. During their first season in the RSEQ league, in 2013-2014, the Panthères won the sporting ethics banner, finishing off a first season on a highly emotional note.

  • Rugby Panthère du Collège François Delaplace
  • Rugby Panthère du Collège François Delaplace


Between the months of September and April, soccer makes our students run! According to the Canadian Soccer Association, soccer is the most practised sport in Canada and around the world. It goes without saying that, to play soccer, one needs to be physically fit, to display a good team spirit and, mostly, to feel like continually improving and evolving. Offered at night, the training sessions allow some athletes to practise this sport and, if they so desire, take part in the volleyball profile as well. In addition to participating in a few tournaments on the weekends, matches are organized during the week, transportation included.


At Collège François-Delaplace, the cheerleading Panthères stand out by their dynamism and the apparent fun they demonstrate during training sessions and competitions. Everything is put in place for students to grow and help one another in order to achieve the set goals.

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  • Unis pour la cause 2015

Seasonal Activities

Each year, from season to season, various activities are offered to the students according to their interests. Suggesting an idea is enough for the CFD to take the necessary steps to make it a reality! Last winter, from January to March, Ski Bromont welcomed our snowboarders and skiers. Once a week, on Tuesdays, our girls enjoyed the excellent night time conditions offered by the ski resort. Moreover, last spring, a running club was founded. A running specialist introduced our students to good running habits and the girls were given the chance to take part in the Unis pour la cause run in Waterville.