Testimonials from Students

“I chose this school because I wanted to attend a private college and experience a different life that would lead me to a better future.” Jo-Annie

“I decided to come to the CFD because, from the first day I came here, to take my admission exams, I felt good. I loved and still love the family atmosphere that is found in the CFD.” Shannon

“I chose the CFD because I was curious to know how it would be in a college with girls in uniform. I thought there were great arts projects and I wanted to know more about the personal vocational project offered in secondary III.” Noémie

“I came to the Collège because my mother is an alumnus. She constantly told to my sisters and I about the CFD. It is like a second family to us.” Maïté

“I chose to come to the Collège because I felt it would help me in school and I wanted to come here to study.” Maude

“I chose the CFD because I wanted to try a new world, just for girls. A friend told me about this school and I wanted to experience it.” Sandra

“I chose this school because I wanted to make new friends.” Isabelle

“I had trouble in school and was looking for a place that would help me get better grades. All the staff is ready to help us.” Sophie

“I decided to attend the CFD because I wanted teachers who have my success at heart.” Roxanne

Testimonials from Parents

“As parents, we consider the CFD a second family for our daughter. It offers guidance, support and monitoring, and can meet the increased needs brought on by learning difficulties. In addition, the staff knows how to help the girls feel committed through different projects or through sports. Evolving within the CFD, our daughter shows more maturity every day and is maintaining the values ​​we have always wanted her to live by. CFD, thank you!” Myrthe Langeveld and Stéphane Blom


“As parents, we know the CFD is an extraordinary help for the academic success of our girls. As owners of a company, we, as parents, are unfortunately very busy with the business and we were short of time and of “patience” to help our girls. Often, lack of time and “availability” for our children result in behavioral and attitude issues. The CFD offers us incomparable support for both the academic aspect of school and the behavioral aspect. Their availability at any time reassures us tremendously. In short, thank you for the proximity of teachers, the availability of the educators and the ability to listen of the leaders.” Alain and Lyne, Acton Vale


“Since attending Collège François-Delaplace, our daughter has been changing every day: she has found confidence in herself and has let her buried abilities shine as they needed a reassuring and stimulating environment to emerge. This was our goal at the start: encourage her to come out of her shell, to blossom a little more. Now, she has exceeded our expectations! We know that this is a team effort, and what a team we make!” The Raymond Family